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Ongoing Special Offers

Melton Mowbray Farmer's Market Customers - Nursery Visits Discount
Available to all customers of Holland's Nurseries Melton Mowbray Farmer's Market stall (every week on a Tuesday morning), is a special discount card to ensure that when you visit the nursery at Twyford, you can receive comparable prises to the stall (which are often discounted).  Ask Susan on the stall for a card.

Landscape Gardeners Membership Card - 15% Discount
With proof of trading (e.g. a business card.) Holland's Nurseries can issue a Landscape Gardeners Membership Card, which will entitle the holder to a standard 15% discount on all purchases.

Wholesale and Trade - Monthly Accounts and Discounts 
Holland's Nurseries supplies all kinds of local outlets with wholesale rate plants, including florists, local shops, farm shops and other plant nurseries and garden centres.
Depending on order size and frequency discounts, rates and monthly credit accounts can be negotiated.

Christmas Tree Loyalty Card - Up to 20% Discount
As we need to order and buy our Christmas Trees ahead well of Christmas, it really helps us to order the right number if we know how many to order.  If you would like to pre-book Christmas Trees that would be great.  We will then provide you with a year on year discount, for each successive year you return and purchase your Christmas Tree from us.  The special offer works like this:

Year 1 - You pay full retail price
Year 2 - Receive a 5% discount*
Year 3 - Receive a 10% discount*
Year 4 - Receive a 15% discount*
Year 5 and all subsequent years, receive a massive 20% discount off the retail prices.*

*Evidence of prior purchase required.