The Place for Plants

Meet the team at Holland's Nurseries - always on hand to help and assist....

   Key Role Years
Favourite Plant(s)
  Susan HollandOwner and Manager
The Plant Lady
Chief Hot Chocolate Drinker
 >20 yearsI have lots of favourite plants, including; lavender, fuscias, roses, tulips, foxglove, digitalis. flox.
 John HollandLawn Mower Man - have you seen how much grass I have to keep tidy?Since 2010 Sold ones.
 PhilAll round useful, helpful and practical gentleman.  Who might carry your plants to the car if you smile at him nicely. Tidy, ordered, weeded ones
 FionaPotter extraordinaire.  Fiona holds the world record for potting plug plants (well she would if there was such a record to break).  Potted ones
 KarenTop sales lady - will find the plant you are desperately searching for or maybe sell you one that you weren't.  Watered ones
 Andy HollandOdd job man, JCB driver, road builder, local historian,local gossip, (Grandpa)Herbs and vegatable plants (basically anything edible).
 Pat HollandChild minder (Grandma), cake maker.  
 Peter GillLogistics (Susan's dad and the Holland's Nurseries van driver) Expensive ones which grow without too much moving about.

 Alicia Holland Chief Plant Waterer  Anything Pink.
 Ethan Holland Chief Customer Waterer (Seriously beware!).  You have been warned.            Tractors & Diggers.